Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I could here the karanga girls singing with pride as it echos through the hall.It was an honnor to welcome all of the new students to papakowhai school.I saw the shock of suprise as they all walked through the door thinking whats going on? I stand tall and straight as when we sang the songs and then finnaly they were introduced to the staff.During the singing i hear a baby screamijng for redemption.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Swimming Sports

Splash i dived into the water with shock as the water was freezing cold.Today at school swimming sports at cannons creek pool.There were to races that i competed in and that was the novalty running race and freestyle.In the freestyle race i came 4th and in the novalty running race i came 2nd.in one race there were 5 compettetors and 6 in the novalty race.My best momment was probabbly when i dived to the wall to get secoind place

Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Playground And Classroom

This week when we came back to the shool the new playground was built and not olny that but also the new kauri block was finished.The new playground is for kids only aged 7-9.for the new classroom there were 4 new classroom's and there were also built in artroom's and device cabnits.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Class's New Features

This week in our class Mr Robinson let us do picaso art.I think it stands out really nicely and i like the contrast of coulors people used.Another artwork we did was the tapa clothes and died the background same with the picaso art.The last art we did was the poppy art wich does look nice all of the artwork in finishing product looks fantastic and come check it out if you would like to

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Production Recount Writing

The crowd couldnt wait for the show to start they were pashionet excited and pumped.They were enjoying the show alot more then the kids were its quite boring for the kids because we had to sit on the most unconfirtable seats ever and also watch the show for like the 15th time.But the part i like the most was getting to watch all of the school dances and before the production started mr smith gave a round of a plause to mr graham for putting all the drama together miss simpkins and mrs tennant for putting the singing together and a huge round of a plause for kathy for putting 11 dances together in 8 weeks.The students were energetic when it came to singing and perforimng there dances the songs we sang were the story of my life,today was a fairytale,and happy and breaffly everything is awesome.In our dance in one of the parts the crowd cheered and clapped during the middle of the dance because of one scene that played a big part.To start off the production there was some introducing to do our good guys wich are a gang of 5 yobby who loves rapping and playing playstation briit is the brain of the team who is sometimes a bit of a knowatall now the team leader johnny johnny is sporty popular and an all round nice guy howerever his abssesion to winning is a bit over the top.Then theres patricia who loves shopping and she is a bad singer and finnaly there team secret weapon groovy she is honest loyal kind and never told a lie in her life and not to menchion super smart.Now our villans mrvlanswearth and his henchman mr croc who later try to trick groovy of going to there school and there was one thing that she had to do wich was backstabb here team but act natural so they dont find out.Outside of all of the acting my favourite dance was mr graham’s class were everyone pumped to entertain the crowd next time there is a production i wish we could have better seats like the audience do.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Narrative Writing

Yesterday June the 11th Wednesday in Mrs Powels class we had three images to choose from for writing a narrative story.Out of a the sun setting and the sky going dark or a man looking down into a massive whole down into the ground and the final option was a sunny day in a forest .I ended up choose.